🏗️Request for Projects

Wanna give a wallet to anyone on the internet?

Patch Wallet is a new account abstraction wallet tied to a user’s email, Twitter, or Github. It's a "zero onboarding wallet" so everyone on the internet has one automatically...without signing up.

Here are some of the project we'd like to see built on Patch wallets. If you'd like to work on any of them, DM @patchwallet and we'll help you get started and give you a bounty! 🤑

Request for Apps:

EventDrop - An app for crypto companies to use during events / conferences to distribute assets via email as they meet each other. Project should be able to setup a “campaign” which sends an NFT or group of tokens on demand. The Campaign has a page when anyone can enter their email and a trigger sends the digital assets to that wallet and sends an email to the user that they got assets. The email links for the user to view and transfer the assets.

Mint a Tweet - Anyone can submit any tweet and it’s minted as an NFT and anyone can pay to mint it. The point is to mint viral tweets early. All mint fees are split between the original tweeter, the first minter, and other early minters. Something like 40% to tweeter, 🥇30% to first minter, and 🏆2-10 split 30%. These early minters have an incentive to share the minted tweet to encourage more folks to participate.

Alternative wallet UIs - Every twitter/email user has a wallet address that can be found by calling the /resolver endpoint. From that wallet address you can query for token/NFT balances, tx history, and any other info via normal Polygon/Covalent/Alchemy APIs. Create a mobile app or browser extension that displays wallet information for each user…basically a better version of app.patchwallet.com!

View celebrity / popular wallets - Web apps for viewing popular twitter or celebrity wallets and allow easy tipping or sending NFTs.

Tip ‘em - Search for any user via their Twitter username, email, or soon telephone number and send them tokens or NFTs on Polygon. The user should get a notification that they received assets and be able to withdraw.

Better SocialDrop.xyz - Allow users to send out airdrops via Twitter/email/Github/phone number. Users get a notification and can claim the assets. A better version of SocialDrop.xyz.

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