Resolver API

The Resolver API returns a wallet address for Twitter users, emails, phone numbers, and other user IDs.

One API call to find a Web3 wallet address for anyone on the internet.

Web2 Providers

  • twitter

  • email

  • tel

  • github

App Providers

  • Get a wallet to embedded directly in your app. You control authentication.

  • Reach out on Discord

How it Works

Input a Twitter user, email, phone number, or any other user_id and get a Patch Wallet address in return. It's that simple. The wallet is just like any other smart contract account and can store any tokens/NFTs.

The Resolver API does not require authentication.


A userId is a unique provider and username ( like twitter:elonmusk, tel:19198675309, email:[email protected]) and returns a wallet address for them on a given chain (matic:0xabc...123).

Example userIds:

Resolve userIds

To use, check out our Postman collection here.

Takes userIds and returns a list of account addresses


Takes userIds in the body seperated by "," and returns a list of account addresses.

E.g. twitter:elonmusk,github:torvalds,email:[email protected]





Bearer Token

Request Body




a list of all the users separated by "," with no space

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